Thursday, November 8, 2018

New OFFICIAL Website & Webstore!

Thank you for your patience.

Our OFFICIAL new website location will be:

Our OFFICIAL new webshop location is:

Hi folks!
Thanks for visiting our site. As you see it is currently a very outdated Blogspot as we are in the process of merging all of our websites into one with the merger of our parent company, My Music Matters Management Triad, which has undergone a make over, including a new name.

All promotion for our Artists will now be handled through FRIENDLY FOLK PROMOTIONS, working in cooperation with several local and international associates for promotion, booking, distribution and production of music. We will still accept cover bands and 'New Talent' Artists who are not quite ready to release music on FRIENDLY FOLK RECORDS. They will be included under the category of 'Friends of Friendly Folk' until their first release, at which time they will be moved to our Artist Roster.  As we approach our third year as a record label, it seems we have all the kinks removed and are going full steam ahead. We will launch the new, very modern website, 1/October/2019. Special thank you to our 'computer whisperer', Niilo Sirola (Greenrose Faire), who you might recall last year he created our new lovely seahorse logo and this year our new website.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Shandon Sahm signs with Friendly Folk Records

Join us in a warm welcome to Shandon Sahm (Singer-songwriter and former drummer of Meat Puppets, Pariah and more).

Shandon will soon be releasing his new single, Give Back The Key To My Heart with our label Friendly Folk Records as well as a tribute album to his late father, the infamous Doug Sahm. Shandon recently said 'Goodbye to Texas, and Hello Amsterdam' and we are very happy to have him as part of our Artist family.

Production work for Shandon's Single release (Nov/2018) and EP (Jan/2019) at A-Broad Studios in Breda. Read all about his amazing career in USA at Wikipedia page Here!

*Pop over and check out his profile on our promotion website!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Jyoti Verhoeff: 'Touches - I speak with my mouth shut' ... Official Digital Album Release

After six months of spotlighting the single tracks on 'Touches singles Tour', we are excited to finally announce release of the full album by Jyoti Verhoeff, 'Touches - I speak with my mouth shut' released today on all worldwide digital platforms.

* Also available via Friendly Folk Records Webstore.

Access this album via your favorite digital platform (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc.) on

To earn more about Jyoti Verhoeff and follow her music click HERE!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Article: Understanding the music industry

As a musician, you will encounter many behind the scenes professionals who are skilled in various aspects of the music business. They make your job as a musician run smoothly so all you have to think about is creating and performing (Manager, Booker, Tour Manager, Local Promoter, Stage Manager, Technician, Roadie, Runner, Merchandiser, Record Label, Distribution Label, Promoter "aka: Promotion/PR Manager", and Music Publisher). 

To better understand roles within music industry read published article, Management & Booking K. J. Keller, Owner/Friendly Folk Records. The article is first in the series of three, Festival & Venue Support, and Music Production, Distribution & Promotion will follow soon. Once you understand the role definitions of everyone who works in the industry, you will have a better idea what to expect when you are signed with our label and/or if you use services from our parent company, My Music Matters Management Triad.  

The days of a record label 'owning' the artist are happily long gone, especially in a niche-genre such as folk music. In the DIY world of digital music you choose for yourself how much promotion and management services you want to pay for. Some products and services have a set fee, others are based on a percentage. All distribution percentages of Friendly Folk Records, as well as all our services associates are fair, transparent and discussed before any contracts are signed. 

Our record label uses the following companies as service associates:
My Music Matters-MT: Management, Promoter "aka: Promotion/PR Manager"
A-Broad StudiosPublisher (rehearsal rooms, recording, mixing, mastering)
Dutch Music Works: Distribution Label
Got2Gig Bookings; FFR Bookings: Booking Services

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jyoti Verhoeff - An Ocean To Still Me (Single Released Today!)

We are thrilled to announce Official release of new single on Friendly Folk Records, 'An Ocean to Still Me' by Jyoti Verhoeff. Now available on all worldwide digital platforms! Click HERE to go directly to Spotify, itunes, Amazon, Deezer and more. 

Touches – ‘I Speak With My Mouth Shut’, the highly anticipated album from Jyoti Verhoeff will be officially released September/2018 via Friendly Folk Records. Preceding the album release, there will be a series of digital Single track releases that are available via the Artist's website only. The first track, Human and Machines, was released 27/March/2018, followed by one track each month April-August: Rides, Sharing Dreams, An Ocean To Still Me, At Night We Dance, and Shards.  Each track on Touches is a neo-classical experiment in delicate symbiosis with modern techniques. A carefully balanced search for pure acoustic sound where one note can grow up into many worlds.

'An Ocean To Still Me will be accompanied by a video and it is only single with worldwide digital distribution release via Friendly Folk Records  27/June/2018.

Friday, July 20, 2018


"Though the weather calls us to go outside and relax in a forest or on the beach we shouldn't forget the nice things that happen indoors! CeltCast returns with another living-room event, this time we will host the beautiful and talented Jyoti Verhoeff who will tell us all about how her latest album "Touches" came to be, give us some insight into her creativity, and maybe, if we're lucky, she will play us a few songs too!

Join us online this Friday at 20:30 CET and be part of the CeltCast family! Ask your questions live during the event! We will try to get all your questions answered."

Missed the show? No worries, you can listen to the replay here:

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Newsletter: 2nd Quarter 2018 (Apr-Jun)

SPRING blossoms into SUMMER
"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face" Victor Hugo

Laughter and music are always best antidote for whatever troubles you might be facing. Spring was full of smiles for our Artists and management team. It has been very busy at Friendly Folk Records and our parent company My Music Matters Management Triad. Scroll through the posts on this website for all the details, but for those who prefer the recap of the April - June happenings, we present to you our 2nd Quarter-2018 Newsletter. 


Jyoti Verhoeff kicked off this season with her Touches Radio-Livestream Tour. Interviews combined with live music shows at least once per month from April right up to day of full album release, scheduled for 27/September/2018. If you missed any of the radio or livestream shows, click Jyoti's Facebook link HERE for the replay.

Greenrose Faire digital release (Single) Never Walk Alone was released just a few days before the band's return to the kingdom of Elfia Fantasy Festival in Haarzuilens, Netherlands. Coincidentally, the theme this year at Elfia wass: 'you'll never dream alone'. We love coincidences. Download the music on your favorite digital platform HERE!  As for Elfia Fantasy Festival, there were smiles, hugs and laughter enough to last a lifetime. The band performed both Saturday and Sunday and warmed the hearts of new fans and old friends. If you missed the performance, get out to Elfia Fantasy Festival in Arcen (September/2018) as Greenrose Faire have been invited back to enchant and entertain. Naturally, we took the opportunity of showcasing our Finnish family while they were in Netherlands at our second label event of the year, Friendly Folk Fest - Elfia Pre-Party. It was a special treat to host this event featuring two headliners, Greenrose Faire and our friends of Friendly Folk, Harmony Glen. It was hard competition for fans to choose between great music and the beautiful weather. Who expected sunshine in April? Therefore, we would like to thank all who came out to enjoy the music and fellowship.

Alongside the Artists who are already signed with Friendly Folk Records, we have a few bands waiting in the wings at My Music Matters-MT, as they are not quite ready to release new music yet. During the Elfia Fantasy Festival, we were very pleased to see not only the band of Sassenachs performances, but also that they were there with the full encampment. If you have ever been curious what a historical Scottish military camp felt like, visit one of the many entertaining shows of Clan Sassenachs. You will find them under the Scottish flags at many festivals in the Netherlands. Click HERE for interview with Sassenachs. You will also hear the music of Sassenachs featured on this Elfia video. We are getting excited to officially sign them to Friendly Folk Records with their upcoming cd, perhaps even a double cd, later this year.


Max Bianco launched his first tour of Netherlands (10/May - 23/May) where he promoted his new singles, 'Northeast Bay' & 'H-Town Blues', released worldwide digital distribution May/2018 via Friendly Folk Records. You can download the music HERENaturally, while Max was in town for his first Friendly Folk Records tour, we had the perfect reason to host another Friendly Folk Fest. Since the theme of the festival was Balfolk, Max adjusted his songs to fit the happy feet of our Balfolk Dancer friends. In addition to friends of Friendly Folk co-headliner Andoorn, and support act Fiddle & Drum, Max was joined by My Music Matters-MT Artists, The Flask for a jam session finish! In addition to the FFR fest, Max performed at several clubs, pubs and festivals during his stay. Special thank you to all of you who came out to support Max on his first Netherlands tour.

Jyoti Verhoeff and Max Bianco were co-headliners at our first event with A-Broad Studios. Intimate Sessions concept was created by Kathy Keller (My Music Matter-MT) and Paul Visser (A-Broad Studios) along the lines of the world renowned Sofar Sounds: intimate concert with limited seating, a place for music lovers to enjoy music without background chatter and clanking beer bottles that dampen live music experience at clubs. The afternoon was a success, with open tours of the studio and artist/public interactions. 


Greenrose Faire kicked off the first day of June in royal fashion with the release of their highly anticipated fourth studio album, Riders in the Night. Available on all your favorite digital platforms. Click HERE for direct access to Spotify, itunes, Deezer, Google and more. Physical CD shipped worldwide via Friendly Folk Records & Artist's Webstore.

Max Bianco hit the road 15/June on his way to Germany and beyond. Following the path of a true troubadour, Max will follow his dream of roaming from village to village sharing music and merriment on a three month 'walk-about'. Look out Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.... here comes Max!

Other News.... 
- We have created Public Collaborative playlists on Spotify featuring  Drusuna- Ritual Pagan Folk, Greenrose Faire, Max Bianco and Jyoti Verhoeff. We appreciate if you follow our Artists and add our music to your playlists. Follow Artists at: Spotify - FFR Kat

- Our fellow Artists at our parent company My Music Matters-MT have been quite busy as well. Please check out the talents of the following Netherlands based Artists who are available for bookings: The Flask, The Rodeo Roses.

- If you missed our Newsletter for 1st Quarter 2018 (Jan - Mar), click HERE!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Jyoti Verhoeff and Max Bianco invited to Sofar Sounds...

We are very excited to announce that two of our Friendly Folk Records Artists will perform at upcoming Sofar Sounds events. If you are not familiar with this concept, Sofar Sounds hosts secret gigs and intimate concerts in 412 cities worldwide. We are not allowed to announce dates, nor location of performances, but, we can announce Max Bianco will perform at a Sofar Sounds event Summer/2018 and Jyoti Verhoeff is on secret agenda for Fall/2018. Congratulations to these two talented artists for making the selection process and being chosen for a spot at a Sofar Sounds Event.

Is this secret location in your country? Only one way to find out! Sign up at Sofar Sounds as tickets are on lottery basis only. Good luck!

* Sofar Sounds is a network of Artists and music enthusiasts who have hosted thousands of new artists and hosted: Hozier, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, +more

Monday, July 2, 2018

Drusuna - Ritual Pagan Folk on Spotify!

We hope you have been enjoying Drusuna- Ritual Pagan Folk, 'Kaytos Kom', released via Friendly Folk Records March/2018.

We have created a Public Collaborative playlist on Spotify featuring the full Drusuna album alongside many of our favorite Pagan Arists, such as: SeeD, Faun, Prima Nocta, Sowula, Omnia +more.  Add your favorite Pagan tracks and tag us!

To download Kaytos Kom on all your favorite digital platforms, go to!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Max Bianco - European Troubadour Tour

Max Bianco has embarked on his Troubadour Tour across Europe. His journey began mid-June in the Netherlands, and Max will return to our shores in August for several weeks performances. If you are following Max's adventures, you know he just left Germany, had a spree in Switzerland and now he is off to Italy. We wish Max safe travels as he follows his dream of combining travel, music and living the life.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Always a good time at Goed Folk Radio!

June 22, 2018 we return to radio show hosts Marcel and Marjolein at Goed Folk Radio for an interview with Jyoti Verhoeff, and naturally, several tracks from her upcoming album, 'Touches-I speak with my mouth shut' which will be released via Friendly Folk Records in September/2018. 
Also in the studio, Kathy Keller (Owner/CEO of Friendly Folk Records and My Music Matters Management Triad) with updates of our Artists...and naturally lots of great folk music. Podcast available 1/July/2018, click HERE

If you missed the Goed Folk Radio live music and interview show with Max Bianco last month, tune in to this Podcast by clicking HERE!

(Special treat: listen carefully to the last few minutes as you will hear that 'Northeast Bay' played backwards is Max's recipe for a proper cup of English Tea.)

Friday, June 1, 2018

Press Release: Greenrose Faire - Riders in the Night

For immediate release: June 1, 2018

Friendly Folk Records proudly presents Greenrose Faire, Riders in the Night, the fourth studio album of original works by Greenrose Faire. Album features new singles, Never Walk Alone, (2018) and Cold Winds Are Rising (2017).

You can order Riders in the Night on all worldwide digital platforms HERE!
Physical EP can be ordered via: My Music Matters-MT, Dutch Music Works
Naturally, you can order directly from the webshop of Greenrose Faire!

Riders in the Night, has all the well-orchestrated upbeat tempos and melodic ballads that we have come to expect from Greenrose Faire. What sets this album apart from their previous endeavors:   (Beggars and Thieves, Neverending Journey, My Home Is Where My Heart Is, Feed The Flames, and compilation-Decades of Songs and Stories) is the storyline interwoven from first track to last. With lyrics that stress value of friendship and solidarity in a troubled world:  “Riders in the night, my friends…I tell you that together we are so much stronger”; to lyrics that give hope and inspiration: “Imagine there's someone who's guiding your way, a wisdom as ancient as the sky. Who came before us have passed on the flame, and we are the children of that light.”  The music of Greenrose Faire brings a message of love and acceptance for all. Their unique style and sound crosses over genre borders to appeal to music lovers of all ages.

Greenrose Faire plays rousing Celtic folk rock with head-bobbing, toe-tapping rock feel. The Finnish sextet meshes mandolins and violin with rock drums and bass and symphonic synths, and spikes the rollicking attitude with the slightly ominous overtones of Finnish melancholy. Greenrose Faire sounds lively and modern but tugs at the nostalgia strings for the long-gone days of yore. The band has great fun on stage, and have played everywhere from corner pubs to concert halls; from intimate weddings to international festivals. The band have made European appearances in The Netherlands (2015, 2016, 2018) at Elfia Festival, and have performed at many festivals and stages in Finland. Greenrose Faire also host an annual Medieval Folk Festival in their hometown, Tampere, Finland.

Band Members: Salla Rimmi: vocals; Hanna Heinonen: violin; Niilo Sirola: bouzouki, backing vocals; Petri Hannuksela: keyboards; Mikko Kaipainen: bass; Tomi Hyttinen: drums, percussions, backing vocals

Contact Information:

Artist: Greenrose Faire (Finland)
Artist Email:     
Management/Press:   Kathy Keller (Netherlands)
Phone:                     +31 (0) 6 30094688


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Greenrose Faire - Making of "Riders in the Night" album

The fourth studio album of Greenrose Faire will be released on 1/June/2018!
Enjoy the mini-documentary: Making of "Riders in the Night"