Friendly Folk Records New Format


Happy to announce that the construction phase of our 2018 face lift here at Friendly Folk Records is completed. Special thank you to my artistic friend Niilo Sirola of Greenrose Faire for his technical fine tuning of our new logo and FB banner. We're friendly! We're folk! We're Friendly Folk records! Always looking for new, talented artists. Send your demo drop to:

We decided to use the blog format for our website, as let's face it, how often do people go directly to the record label for anything other than news. Blogs are the most informative way to keep fans updated.

Over the coming weeks we will 'copy/paste' all the posts from our former website from May 15, 2017 to present date. We find it important to have the beginning roots of our company incorporated here in the new format for archive purpose and reflection as the years pass. 

Notice the links on right margin, you will find our parent company, My Music Matters Management Triad.
When you click here, it will take you to our Artist profile pages and our Official Webstore.

We hope you find our new logo and new website easy to navigate. 
We are friendly! We are folk! We are Friendly Folk! Welcome!