New Release: Pyrolysis - Edges of the Day!

Edges of the Day, the highly anticipated album from Pyrolysis, was released via Friendly Folk Records June/2017.  

Edges of the Day features eleven tracks of pure folk pleasure; ranging from frolicking playful numbers you have come to expect from this band. Order your copy of the album today from our Webstore or at all digital service points HERE!

Pyrolysis is comprised of very active young musicians who are busy in many music projects, some of which conflicted with interests of the new label.

Pyrolysis had entered into a one year promotion and management contract with My Music Matters Management Triad October/2016. When the label started May/2017, the band offered Edges of the Day to be our test pilot album although their departure was on the horizon. As of October/2017, Pyrolysis returned to status of independent artists, but remain forever 'friends of Friendly Folk'. 

We happily refer this band to all who enjoy the energetic sights and sounds that are known as, Pyrolysis.