Saturday, August 18, 2018

Max Bianco: Troubadour Tour Highlights

Today marks the beginning of the end for the Max Bianco Troubadour Tour. Every artist that embraces the opportunity to throw caution to the wind, and with a backpack and guitar set out for the unknown should be applauded. To venture out on such an undertaking requires talent, naturally, but also a degree of survival skills. Not knowing when or where your next gig, bed or meal will come from is terrifying for most. It is a risk, but a risk that is filled with much reward.

The journey began 18/June when Max left UK towards the Netherlands, had a brief reunion with friends he had made during his May 'Meet & Greet' tour, then he was off to Germany. While Max was mostly focused on building his fan base in the Bavaria-Germany region and most gigs were in Bamberg area, there were many gigs and jam sessions and making new friends through the universal language of music. With keeping Bavaria as 'home base', Max set off to share his music at pubs/jam sessions in: Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic (Prague), Germany and finally returned to the Netherlands 9/August. Below is the agenda of the Netherlands portion of the journey. If you have not yet experienced the LIVE music of Max Bianco, get out to one of these gigs. Max will return to his family and friends in England 27/August. After ten weeks of backpacking and living the life of a rambling, gambling man, it will be a warm homecoming for sure. Wishing Max safe travels on his return home.

Our focus for Max during this two week stay in the Netherlands was three-fold:
  1. Max Bianco's debut at Sofar Sounds! It was amazing!
  2. Max Bianco's performance at Benefit Concert: Folk4BACA!
  3. Max Bianco's introduction to Breda's talented, Myllie (Myllie & The Tunes) who we met via our studio partners earlier this year. Paul Visser (A-Broad) and Kathy Keller (My Music Matters-MT/Friendly Folk Records) imagined music styles of Myllie and Max would be a nice fit and wanted to connect the two artists. A fast friendship developed between these two and they have been jamming since the first meet up on 10/August. Special thank you to Myllie for arranging gigs for Max in the Breda community. Keep an eye on these two, as hopefully they will release a duo project with us in the future.

Troubadour Tour GRAND FINALE!
Folk4 B.A.C.A. is a benefit concert in the province of Zeeland. We are raising money and awareness for 'Bikers Against Child Abuse'. We hope you can attend, if not, we also appreciate any donations for this worthy cause. Thank you again to Max for volunteering his time and talents to help B.A.C.A. help the children.
You can send donations to My Music Matters-MT via Paypal. Please mention the money is for B.A.C.A. and we will make certain it gets to the organization. xKat