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This cooperation offers artists of all genres the services needed to advance in music career: management, promotion, record labels, booking services, worldwide distribution*, rehearsal rooms, recording, mixing, mastering, production, coaching, workshops, professional music videos and photography. Ultimately, we enable artists to focus on the creativity process of the music, while a diverse team of music professionals take care of the necessary details.

BREDA and ROTTERDAM, August 1, 2018:
A-Broad Studio (Breda) and My Music Matters Management Triad (Rotterdam) announced multi-level cooperation agreement under which they will maintain their individual company identities while merging their services. In doing so, they have created a full service music group that supports musicians in every phase of development.

This cooperation effort will also include the record labels of each company: Friendly Folk Records, (division of My Music Matters Management Triad, Rotterdam) represents international artists from folk/country/blues music genres. Worldwide music distribution is provided via their service partner Dutch Music Works. Sugar Factory Sound L.abs, (division of A-Broad Studio, Breda) represents primarily local artists from pop/rock/soul music genres. 

Kathy Keller, Owner/CEO of My Music Matters Management Triad said, “There are so many talented musicians out there who just want to do what they love, create and perform music." Digitalization of the music industry changed everything for DIY musicians. In addition to being an amazing musician, to receive recognition, artists had to keep up with trending promotional aspects of the business. My Music Matters Management Triad offers the following services: press/radio placement, marketing, digital promotion, social media promotion, booking service support, coaching, business training workshops, record label with worldwide digital/physical merchandise distribution service. We provide all of these services at affordable rates with proven results. Our prices and policies are always fair, transparent and honest. We operate on one year renewable contracts. With ongoing changes in the music industry, now more than ever, promotion and management are key to artist exposure and advancement.

Paul Visser, Owner/CEO of A-Broad Studios said, “At our studio, musicians define their sound and we provide solutions for best production methods." Recordings are only done after consultation with the artists to determine their expectations of the end result. This phase begins with the producer, and if required the engineers. We make a careful selection of the required recording equipment and recording technique, which is followed by a pre-production stage. In close co-operation with the artist, first takes are listened to and equipment is adjusted where necessary. Then the actual recording takes place. After recording the mixing is executed, again a session with the artist for any required adjustments. Once the artist approves the mix, we finish the mastering and the final product is agreed on. The above procedure has proven a key to success for the artists. The final result is offered to the artist on a pre-agreed medium. The recordings and tracks are safely kept on file at A-Broad Studios for any future requirement.

Going forward, the companies will introduce new music production packages at discount prices for artists of all genres, and sponsorship for several artists with right potential. In addition, there will be a series of exclusive performances called ‘Intimate Sessions’ at the Breda location showcasing their featured artists of the season. Also, in the very near future, opportunities for music students to learn the business side of the industry with hands on experience, learning directly from the professionals. If you are a student looking for a location to fulfill your apprenticeship hours, contact Keller or Visser for more information. We are now accepting demo-drops from artists of all genres and countries.


A-Broad (Sessions & Recordings Studio)
Phone:                +31 (0) 76 737 0331

Friendly Folk Records (Label & Distribution)
Phone:                +31 (0) 6 3009 4688

My Music Matters Management Triad (Promotion & Management)
Phone:                +31 (0) 6 3009 4688


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