Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Article: Understanding the music industry

As a musician, you will encounter many behind the scenes professionals who are skilled in various aspects of the music business. They make your job as a musician run smoothly so all you have to think about is creating and performing (Manager, Booker, Tour Manager, Local Promoter, Stage Manager, Technician, Roadie, Runner, Merchandiser, Record Label, Distribution Label, Promoter "aka: Promotion/PR Manager", and Music Publisher). 

To better understand roles within music industry read published article, Management & Booking K. J. Keller, Owner/Friendly Folk Records. The article is first in the series of three, Festival & Venue Support, and Music Production, Distribution & Promotion will follow soon. Once you understand the role definitions of everyone who works in the industry, you will have a better idea what to expect when you are signed with our label and/or if you use services from our parent company, My Music Matters Management Triad.  

The days of a record label 'owning' the artist are happily long gone, especially in a niche-genre such as folk music. In the DIY world of digital music you choose for yourself how much promotion and management services you want to pay for. Some products and services have a set fee, others are based on a percentage. All distribution percentages of Friendly Folk Records, as well as all our services associates are fair, transparent and discussed before any contracts are signed. 

Our record label uses the following companies as service associates:
My Music Matters-MT: Management, Promoter "aka: Promotion/PR Manager"
A-Broad StudiosPublisher (rehearsal rooms, recording, mixing, mastering)
Dutch Music Works: Distribution Label
Got2Gig Bookings; FFR Bookings: Booking Services


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