Monday, January 1, 2018

News Flash! Celebrating the launch of our new friendly LOGO

My Music Matters-MT owner, Kathy Keller has been involved in the Folk music scene in the Netherlands since 2012, originally as a music journalist. When she realized how under-represented Folk scene was, she became an Artist manager for several international folk bands. My Music Matters-MT was officially registered as a international music management business May 15, 2015. 

Many of the Artists who joined My Music Matters-MT were ready for the next step of releasing music on a record label. Again, Ms. Keller was met with a challenge to find the Folk genre had very few designated record labels, and none in the Netherlands where she resided. The solution was clear, create a record label that could support and promote sales of all sub-genres of Folk music.

May 15, 2017 Friendly Folk Records was born! As with all new businesses, it takes a few months, or even a few years to work out the bugs. All folk genre artists of My Music Matters-MT took the leap of faith to start the label. 

We began with six folk artists, from five countries, including our top act, Greenrose Faire from Finland.  At that time we were working with a distribution and promotion service who offered a free website service, which we happily accepted. First learning lesson for the new record label: keep websites and emails in house, as distribution and promotion services can and probably will change over the years. Old website text was lost when the website was crashed by above mentioned service.  Our new blog, and new official website, were created 1/January/2018. To see all archive posts and history of our company, the only living record can be found on the Facebook Page, which has been around since day one of our company.

Please note that as of January 1, 2018 we are no longer associated with any services provided by Indieplant nor Indieplant CD Perserij.  Although they are obligated to delete all references to Friendly Folk Records from any/all Indieplant websites and promotions, it is taking much longer than anticipated for them to remove our old Friendly Folk Records logo and brands from their systems. Please beware that Indieplant utilizes several automated ‘robot email addresses’ to send out spam advertisements on a weekly basis. If you receive any spam emails from these unauthorized robots, please disregard the message as they are NOT on our behalf. The ONLY approved email addresses for Friendly Folk Records are:,, and

Thank you for your support of our Friendly Folk Family!
We're Friendly! We're Folk! We're Friendly Folk Records!



Please note: If you receive any solicitation from or come across posts from this old logo, please do not respond as it is NOT our company and links associated with it are not authorized by us!         

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