Monday, January 1, 2018

Friendly Folk Records: Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you as an artist to realize your dream. We provide support for your music with access to many amenities that maximize your potential during each phase of your career. Every artist is as unique as the music they produce, and that is why our services fit the needs of each individual and their situation. Working in cooperation with My Music Matters-MT for Artist management support, promotion and Bookings; and external distribution and production services, we provide a team of professionals with years of experience in the music business, who will eagerly assist in bringing you to the next level, whatever that next level happens to be for you.

We are a full service label, which means we deal with all aspects of the music business under one umbrella to insure consistency and personal attention to each artist. As a record label we can offer: worldwide distribution, management, recording studio, mixing & mastering, and promotion to all artists. 

Friendly Folk Bookings available  to signed artists of My Music Matters and Friendly Folk Records only. (also cover-bands).

Join our Friendly Folk Records family! Friendly Folk Records represents: 
Celtic Folk, Folk Punk, Folk Rock, Traditional Folk, Pagan Folk, Tribal Folk, Americana Folk and more! Take the first step today by sending your music to our demo drop at

Phone:                 +31 (0) 6 3009 4688

Chamber of Commerce (Netherlands KvK Number):  64348369

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