Saturday, March 31, 2018

Newsletter: 1st Quarter 2018 (Jan-Mar)

WINTER melts into SPRING
"Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius" ~ Pietro Aretino 
The above quote so eloquently penned by 16th Centrury Italian poet, author and artist Pietro Aretino is as true today as it ever was. While our Artists were in hibernation working on their latest creations of genius, it allowed the perfect time to re-launch our new website and social media sites for Friendly Folk Records.  Special thanks go out to Niilo Sirola of Greenrose Faire for designing our new seahorse logo. Also, we would like to say thank you to all of the faithful fans out there who continued to follow us to our new internet addresses. Please make a notation of our new addresses at the end of this post. 

We worked briefly with a music distribution company in the Netherlands, and we set up our websites and emails on their 'free' Wordpress account. Sadly, they changed passwords on our accounts in October and routed our emails to their own record labels.  Since January/2018 we are officially no longer associated with any services provided by Indieplant nor Indieplant CD Perserij.  They are obligated to delete all references to Friendly Folk Records from their websites and promotions, it is taking much longer than anticipated for them to do so. Please beware that Indieplant utilizes several automated robot emails to send out spam advertisements. If you receive any spam emails from these unauthorized robots, please disregard the message as they are not on our behalf. After six months our Artists requested that we find new alliances for our distribution services.

January is notorious for the month of bold new beginnings and often a time of reflection. We are pleased to announce our new label service associates: Dutch Music Works (worldwide music distribution) It seems 2018 was not only a time of change for the record label. Some of our Artists needed to evaluate their expectations and career paths in Fall/2017. As noted above, we lost our previous website, so for the timeline of our label, we want to mention that we said goodbye to many talented Artists at the end of 2017 from both the record label and our parent company, My Music Matters Management Triad.  Our Artists are signed for a one year contract and sometimes that is all the time they want or need to learn the ropes of promotion and management and give it a go on their own. We will miss these talented folks but would like to wish all the best to Pyrolysis, Gwendolyn Snowdon, and LQR. (Note: Pyrolysis were signed to Friendly Folk Records and released, 'Edges of the Day'.)

February was a busy month for demo-drops and signing new Artists to both our record label and My Music Matters-MT for promotion and management support. We are very excited to welcome a dynamic duo cover-band from Rotterdam, The Rodeo Roses (NL) who have signed on with My Music Matters-MT for promotion services. Max Bianco (UK), signed a temporary tour contract with both agencies. Read about our Artists on their profile page by clicking on their name. You can see both acts live at Cranenburgh Events.

March kicked off our first of the series of sponsored indoor festivals with Friendly Folk Fest - Celtic Folk edition. What better way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day than to party with the one, the only, The Royal Spuds! We were very excited to announce our latest Celtic Folk band, The Flask (NL), to the stage as winner of our demo-drop competition. (Note: This marked the final performance of The Royal Spuds as an artist under our management. After three years together with My Music Matters-MT and one year with our label, the band have decided to not renew their contract this year. The band have taken a new direction and need to pursue a new path. We wish them all the best on their journey.)


Greenrose Faire (Finland) released 'A Decade of Songs and Stories' physical cd several months ago, and it is now available via our SHOP, and via our new distribution service you can order the album from worldwide web-stores for immediate delivery. We also encourage you to download a copy of the digital single found on this album, 'Cold Winds Are Rising'.

Tone Fish (Germany) released their digital single, 'The Traveller' via Friendly Folk Records and our new distribution services, DMW. It is available on all worldwide digital platforms.

The Royal Spuds (Netherlands) released their digital single, 'A Man' via Friendly Folk Records and our distribution service, DMW. Available on all worldwide digital platforms.

Drusuna (Portugal) released their digital EP 'Kaytos Kom' via Friendly Folk Records and our distribution service, DMW.  The physical EP is available via our SHOP, and via you can order the album from worldwide web-stores for immediate delivery.

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