Thursday, November 8, 2018

New OFFICIAL Website & Webstore!

Thank you for your patience.

Our OFFICIAL new website location will be:

Our OFFICIAL new webshop location is:

Hi folks!
Thanks for visiting our site. As you see it is currently a very outdated Blogspot as we are in the process of merging all of our websites into one with the merger of our parent company, My Music Matters Management Triad, which has undergone a make over, including a new name.

All promotion for our Artists will now be handled through FRIENDLY FOLK PROMOTIONS, working in cooperation with several local and international associates for promotion, booking, distribution and production of music. We will still accept cover bands and 'New Talent' Artists who are not quite ready to release music on FRIENDLY FOLK RECORDS. They will be included under the category of 'Friends of Friendly Folk' until their first release, at which time they will be moved to our Artist Roster.  As we approach our third year as a record label, it seems we have all the kinks removed and are going full steam ahead. We will launch the new, very modern website, 1/October/2019. Special thank you to our 'computer whisperer', Niilo Sirola (Greenrose Faire), who you might recall last year he created our new lovely seahorse logo and this year our new website.

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